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No Time For Healthy Eating? One Meal Tip For Healthier Living, No Matter How Little Time You Have

I have a bit of a confession.

More of a pet peeve, really. It’s hearing that people don’t “have time for [insert something here].”

And I have FOR SURE said this, so I’m included, however, I’ve been catching myself and retraining my rhetoric around the concept of time. Instead of saying “I don’t have the time” I say “I didn’t make the time.” I also forgive myself for not making the time, because the reality is, I do have a lot going on. I’m in a Yoga Teacher Training program, I own a business, and I’ve recently started another (hi! you’re looking at it). If I don’t make the time for something outside of these, instead of beating myself up, I tell myself it’s okay. Time will be made... another time (funny).

And it’s okay if something is held off until later! It really is. Especially if your time is already filled.

But saying you don’t have time is not true. You do have the time, it’s a matter of what you decide can take up your time. (Remember, you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce).

I’ve been a freelance Graphic Designer for 5 years now, and working from home 100% of the time for 3.5, so I’ve gone through some ups and downs on my relationship with time, and have developed some pretty nifty time management tools. I’ll write a post about this sometime soon.

To the real topic at hand!

A client of mine is going through a pretty big rough patch. They’ve been taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle, but right now need to put diet on the back burner to face these other emotions. Their time needs to be dedicated to healing, not to worrying about what’s on their plate.

Guess what? That’s okay! Our entire life is made up of ebbs and flows, including our diet. The fact they said that out loud to me helps me understand the support they need, and what kinds of steps to outline in our plan together. After all, health is not just about what’s on your plate.

The solution we came up with, which is something I do when I’m on the go, or in a bit of a rut in my own healthy lifestyle, was to add in some leafy greens at each meal. If eating out, instead of getting fries, get the salad. When cooking at home, even if you’re eating a frozen meal of who-knows-what, add some leafy greens in there. Pasta? Add a bit of arugula or spinach on top. Leafy greens help move everything through, cleanse your intestines, and add some vital vitamins and minerals to your body.

It’s fairly simple and shouldn’t take too much thought or planning. When you’re at the grocery store, grab one of those pre-packaged spring green mixes. They’re generally pre-washed and ready to go. Just grab a handful and put it on your plate with each meal… Unless you’re having oatmeal, that may be a bit weird :)!

Are you ready to live a healthier lifestyle? Contact me to set up a time to discuss your health goals!

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