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The reason I’m labeling these “SUPER” is because, well, everything in this sugar-free Chocolate Bark is pretty dang super for you, your body, your brain, and your taste buds.


Full of magnesium. Magnesium is a pretty hot mineral supplement in the health food world as of right now because of it’s calming effects on the body. I’ve personally been taking a little bit in the morning and at night as I’m battling too high of cortisol in the morning, and too low at night (basically adrenal fatigue as I went through a big life change last month). Magnesium also turns glucose into energy for your brain.

The other benefits of cacao include being high in antioxidants, a good source of iron (why we ladies reach for it around our periods), high in calcium, and a natural anti-depressant. You can read more about the benefits over at Be Good Organics.


… fixes everything. Maybe not really, but maybe really. Coconut oil is high in the good kind of saturated fats, helping to increase the good kind of cholesterol (HDL) and convert the bad kind (LDL) into good cholesterols. Good fats are pertinent for hormonal balance in women. It’s incredible for the brain, creating ketones which are readily accessible energy for the brain, bring a proven Alzheimer’s treatment.

Dr. Axe has a great article on 20 benefits of Coconut Oil, including more information on it being an Alzheimer’s treatment. It’s worth the read!


The reason I added “Omega-3” to the title of this Sugar-free Chocolate Bark is because of these magical seeds. Hemp seeds contain a close to perfect Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio, which is pertinent for reducing inflammation in the body. We actually want more Omega-6 than 3 in the body, however, through our standard diet high in Omega-6 heavy oils and meats who have been fed things like corn and soy (very high in Omega 6), it’s a struggle to even out the ratio. That’s why adding Omega-3’s into your diet anywhere you can is extremely important. Hemp hearts are an excellent way to.

And, no, they won’t get you high!


I try to stick to a seed rotation to aid in keeping my hormonal cycle regulated. Day 1 - 14 is a great time to incorporate pumpkin seeds into your diet as a woman to help increase estrogen levels. They also contain a good amount of zinc - crucial for skin health and for transportation of vitamin A throughout the body.


Generally, I recommend to avoid dried fruits because the glycemic load in your body is as if you are eating sugar. However, since this chocolate bark doesn’t contain any sort of sweetness, a few Goji Berries to make up for the loss of sweetness is okay, as long as you don’t go overboard with them. They’re also a super food, containing high amounts of antioxidants and nutrients, including 4 grams of proteins and 18 amino acids. You can read more about them on Dr. Axe.

So, there you have it, brain food. This is a great snack to grab for when you are avoiding sugar. And it takes 20 minutes, tops.

Go impress your friends by making your own chocolate. All you need is a freezer.

SUPER OMEGA-3 CHOCOLATE BARK (Sugar-free) Cook time: 20 mins | Serves: 4 - 6


Toppings, Optional:

  1. Melt 1/2 cup Coconut Oil

  2. Combine Cacao Powder and Coconut Oil

  3. Pour into a baking sheet lined with parchment paper

  4. Freeze for 2 minutes

  5. Pull out of freezer, top with salt, Hemp HeartsPumpkin Seeds, andGoji Berries (or whatever you are feeling!)

  6. Freeze an additional 15 minutes

  7. Break apart, and serve!

To store any extra, I keep them in the refrigerator.

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